Neck Massager
Neck Massager
Color Box:
color box
12 color boxes/carton
1pc per color box
Cervical Vertebra Massager was designed for the health of cervical vertebra which is much more practical, it can dredge the channels, relieve the stiffness of neck, improve the lack of oxygen to brain thoroughly through massaging and kneading the channels, acupuncture points and muscles.
Product function:
Massaging like human hands
Imitating doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine to massage the key acupuncture points, stretching the neck thoroughly, dredging the channels, relieving the stiffness of neck, improving the lack of oxygen to brain.
Adjustable dimension
Human engineering design closes to the radian of neck, suiting different necks.
Build-in high quality rechargeable batteries; operate easily, eco-friendly, carry-home.
Product features:
Classical stream-line design, novel appearance, simple but applied. Human engineering design closes to the radian of neck, and the length is adjustable
High strength ABS and PC plastic shell, easy to cleanse and it is antimicrobial
Internal material is the lycra which is of good elasticity and of good softness,3D silicone handle design which is in accordance with  human engineering, easy to adjust the tightness of massager, and it makes user more comfortable when enjoy massage
Sample is available for testing and reference
100-240V,5AA batteries
input:DC 3.7V
Battery apacity:3000MA
working time:15 min/time
Inside: 1pc per color box,
12 color boxes/carton  Color box size: 25*11*18CM
Color box G.W: 2.3kg
Carton size:55*55*27CM
Carton G.W:17kg